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What if I don’t have health insurance for my child?

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About 500,000 children in Florida are uninsured unnecessarily. There is help out there.

Your child without health insurance may be eligible for KidCare. KidCare is a state-wide program offering insurance for children up to age 18. Four insurance options are available under KidCare:

  1. Medicaid, for all ages
  2. Healthy Kids, for children ages 5-18
  3. Medikids, for children ages 0-5
  4. Children Medical Services, for children with special health needs ages 0-18 Call the main office (850) 245-4200 or visit to find out for which program your child is eligible.

What if I don’t have insurance for myself?

The March of Dimes and the Florida Department of Health operate a service called the MomMobile. The MomMobile is a motorized clinic providing quality prenatal care and family planning to the community for free. For more information on MomMobile please visit:

Florida KidCare and Covering Kids

KidCare is Florida’s Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) established in 1998 to provide health care coverage to an estimated 550,000 uninsured Florida children in families below 200% of the federal poverty level ($34,100 per year for a family of four). Funding from the federal government has allowed the state to expand Medicaid and to include three additional insurance programs for low-income, uninsured children.

Florida KidCare provides free or low cost health insurance to uninsured children between the ages of 0 and 18. It consists of four programs.

  • Medicaid for children 0-18
  • MediKids for children 0-5 above the Medicaid income eligibility level
  • Healthy Kids for children 5-18 above the Medicaid income eligibility level
  • Children Medical Services (CMS) Network for children with special physical, developmental, and behavioral health care needs

In order to be eligible for these programs, a child must be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien, uninsured, and have a family income below 200% of the federal poverty level. Participation in Medicaid is free. Families with income above the Medicaid income eligibility guideline and below 200% of the federal poverty level pay $15 per family per month to participate in MediKids, Healthy Kids and CMS. School-aged children in families with income above 200% of the federal poverty level can buy into the Healthy Kids program.

To apply, a parent or custodian should complete a one page, two sided KidCare application form. You can download an application by clicking on the KidCare logo below. Applications can also be obtained by contacting HSC. All applications are first screened for Medicaid. Children who are ineligible for Medicaid are screened for the other programs.

For more information about Florida KidCare program contact:

Florida KidCare

Eligibility : Call 1-888-540-5437 for more information.

TTY: 1-877-316-8748

Please call Florida KidCare customer service at 1-800-821-5437 if you have questions.