Brookes ASQ Online additional fields- thoughts?

Liz Randall
Please indicate any thoughts you have following our PACT call today regarding adding additional fields to the online ASQ. UWVF needs a way to indicate what agency or organization is filling out or helping to fill out the questionnaire. Would it be beneficial to add a drop down or text field on the questionnaire to indicate what agency/organization is assisting with or completing the questionnaire? Please note that any changes to the questionnaire will be changed for any affiliates using the ASQ Enterprise. Any ideas are welcome!
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    Whenever DCF fills out an ASQ for them, I know it is them due to the email address entered, But that is the only agency that fills out ASQs for Lake County. However, since we are a part of the Early Learning Coalition, we have a 'Child Care Provider' drop down box that is helpful when a parent wants/asks their child care provider to complete an ASQ as well.

    If a drop down box is added, can each affiliate customize it for their counties or is it going to be the same across the board?

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